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If you have the musical talent but no money for time in a studio, create your own virtual studio using your computer and DUBturbo. You can be your own music producer with the DUBturbo software and your ear for music. In fact, you can be up and running with DUBturbo in a matter of minutes.

1. Works On PC Or MAC Platform.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a PC or a Mac. DUBturbo provides high-quality music production capabilities for either computer platform. And you get free training videos with your DUBturbo software which not only get you started on producing some serious sound but show you how to sell your music. It doesn’t matter if you can produce your own signature sound if you can’t market it.

2. You Get The Complete Package.

DUBturbo comes with every tool you might need to produce your sound, including a 16-track sequencer, a 10-pad 16-bit drum machine, a 4-octave 16-bit keyboard and thousands of pro sounds plus some outstanding bonus kits. These free bonus kits include 4 premium sample packs (retail $ 449), scene and mood settings which come royalty-free (retail $ 199), royalty-free instrumentals (retail $ 249) and the training videos (retail $ 849). The editing capabilities are extremely easy to use and can speed up the time from getting an idea to producing a finished track. DUBturbo does not produce basic MP3 tracks. You crank out WAV 44.1Khz 16-bit stereo sound for export. You get premium software updates when the company updates the kit. And right now DUBturbo is selling for $ 29.95, 75% off its normal retail price, as part of its launch special.

3. 60-Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy.

The DUBturbo Digital Music Production package is an excellent deal when you compare the cost of this software to the cost of studio time. However, if for any reason you aren’t happy with your DUBturbo purchase, you can return it with no questions asked for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. Within 60 days you’ll be able to fully explore the features of this software so that you’ll know for sure that this is the product you need.

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