How to Do Share Trading

Whether you are looking for a new career, or a better way to generate extra income, then learning how to do share trading could be an option for you. However, trading shares isn’t as instantly profitable as many may have you believe – it takes some research and a fairly steep learning curve before you can minimize your risks and start earning the profits you really want.

People learning how to trade shares usually follow a similar pattern to this;

Step 1 – Learning/training to prepare you for trading on the market. This may take the form of reading or practicing share trading with fictional money.
Step 2 – Opening a brokerage account with a major firm (some people use a share broker who performs the trades for them). This is how you will buy and sell shares.
Step 3 – Following the market metrics (trying to predict rises and falls in share prices), a guide or software program that will help you choose when to buy and sell stocks. Nothing is foolproof, but this will help you make informed decisions.
Step 4 – The actual buying and selling of shares. This is done through the internet/computer program or over the phone with your brokerage account. You can also pay an extra commission to a share broker to make the trades for you, but this is only a viable option if you want to keep your shares for a period of time.

Learning how to do share trading really isn’t as hard as it might seem. All it takes is a little time, and a little willpower to stop yourself from rushing in! If you take this time then you will greatly reduce the risk of losing any money. You will soon be well on your way to becoming a successful trader and making some extra money!


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