Google offices around the world

Google Inc, a multinational computing, Internet search, and advertising Technologies Corporation, has grown rapidly since its incorporation triggering a chain of acquisitions and partnerships beyond its search engine. Its initial aim was “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google is the dominant search engine in the United States market, with a market share of 65.6%. At present, Google is one of the pioneers in creating truly good working conditions for its employees especially by building lavish office environment and all kinds of facilities. Google offices with relaxed and very friendly working environment make people go green with envy. They will be overwhelmed by incredible ambiance at Google. Let’s have a tour around Google offices worldwide.


Google office in Australia

Three hundred and fifty Australian Googlers work in the new headquarters in the 6-Star Green Star–designed Workplace6 building in Pyrmont. The foyer features a lush green wall of plants.


A fitting reflection of the environmental features of the new building



Google office in New York, US

There are around 500 employees working on print ads, Google Finance, Google Spreadsheets, Checkout, and so on at Google office in New York.




Googleplex, covers an entire city block, from Eighth Avenue to Ninth Avenue and between 15th and 16th streets. With over 2 million square feet of interior space, the building was ranked as the world’s second largest building in terms of square footage.


The building was ranked as the world’s second largest building in terms of square footage



Google office in Zurich, Switzerland

Google office in Zurich is the largest Google Engineering Centre outside the US headquarters. The office represents a new generation of office work environment which holistically supports employees in their work.



Google office in Zurich, Switzerland


Google office in St. Petersburg, Russia

Google office in St. Petersburg



Google office in Madison, Wisconsin, US

The Internet giant’s office in downtown Madison



Google office in Chicago, US

Google Chicago, located at 20 W. Kinzie, is comfortable and interactive, with exercise balls and real-time, and bright colors.


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