Google Achievements Of CEO Eric Schmidt

Eric Emerson is well-known for his position on the board of directors of Apple Inc. Being the Google’s chief executive for almost ten years, Eric Emerson officially resigned last Monday and handled the duty to cofounder Larry Page. The former chief executive now serves as the executive chairman and advisor for the giant search. In his speech on January, Eric Schmidt clearly states the job “There’s clear responsibility and accountability at the top of the company.” and the new chief executive “I believe Larry is ready. His ideas are very interesting and clever and it’s time for him to have a shot at running this.” During 10 years being CEO for Google, Eric Emerson has brought back the following biggest accomplishments.



Google AdSense was started in 2003 as an advertising platform for websites and businesses. Although it is quite new, it actually brings back 30 percent of total reveunues for last quarter of 2010.


Google Maps

The mapping service Google Maps does not make big income itself, but it is a real moneymaker when it comes to Latitude, Places, and Maps Navigation.


20 Percent Time


Launched in September 2002, “20 percent time” is the concept of free working hours in which Google’s employees can do anything they want.


Verizon Partnership

The contract between Google and Verizon brought back the success and high-rate sale of Android phones.



IPO is another success of Google in general and Eric Emerson in particular.



Google bought YouTube at the price of $ 1.65 billion that stirs doubtful thoughts of what the popular site for streaming video could do. However, YouTube amazingly reaches 3 billion ad views per single week.



Although Gmail is not the biggest email website, it is profitable for Google in terms of GChat, contacts and voicecalls.



The Android smartphone was once commented as “just some words on paper”, it becomes the best-selling smartphone in the United States.


iPhone Search

By providing search service for iPhones, Google gradually becomes the dominator of mobile search market.



Google Chrome can be compared with Firefox and Internet Explorer in terms of market share; it is definitely a nice Web browser to access.




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