Choosing High Paying Jobs Without A Degree

It is often told that you need a college degree if you want to make any kind of money, especially if you are not some kind of musical, acting, or athletic prodigy. Though it would be great to have such talent and not need a college education, there are many “normal” careers that you can get certified in without going to a four-year college.

Some high salary jobs require only work experience or on-the-job training. Keep in mind that the median incomes mentioned later are not necessarily what you would earn if you were working in this field, but rather the mid-point of incomes earned by all workers in it.

Half of all workers earned below this wage and half earned above it. Earnings vary by employer and will depend on factors including level of experience and training, and location.

Air traffic controllers are essentially the traffic cops of the sky; they make sure airplanes fly a safe distance apart and regulate airport arrivals and departures. Those who want to become air traffic controllers must enroll in a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) course and pass a test.

Air traffic controllers earned a median income of $ 53.78 per hour or $ 111,900 per year. Managers, who work in a variety of fields, earn a median hourly wage of $ 43.38 or $ 90,200 annually.

Industrial production managers oversee the activities required to produce millions of goods in the United States each year. While those who want to work in this field are not required to have a college degree, many employers prefer they do.

Other employers provide on-the-job training. Industrial production managers earned a median hourly wage of $ 40.04 and a median annual income $ 83,300.

Transportation, storage, and distribution managers follow government policies and regulations to plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, or distribution activities. They must have experience in a related occupation to work in this field.

Transportation, storage, and distribution managers were paid a median hourly wage of $ 37.98 or a median annual income of $ 76,000. First-line supervisors and managers of police and detectives coordinate and oversee the activities of these law enforcement employees.

Those who want to work in this field must have work experience in a related occupation. The median hourly wages of first-line supervisors and managers of police and detectives were $ 36.29 and the median annual salary was $ 75,500.

Nuclear power reactor operators control equipment that affects the power of the reactor in a nuclear power plant. They are generally required to have extensive training, including refresher training, and many employers prefer they have taken some college courses.

Nuclear power reactor operators earned a median hourly wage of $ 35.25 and a median annual salary of $ 73,300. Sales representatives must interest buyers in the products made by the companies for which they work.

While many employers hire sales representatives who do not have a college degree, an increasing number require them. There are still many employers who provide on-the-job training, however.

The median hourly wages of wholesale and manufacturing and technical and scientific products sales representatives were $ 33.75 and the median annual salary was $ 70,200. In addition to installing, repairing and maintaining elevators, elevator installers and repairers also work on escalators, chairlifts, dumbwaiters, moving walkways, and similar equipment.

While most people who want to work in this field receive their training through apprenticeship programs administered jointly by employers and the International Union of Elevator Constructors, others receive training through programs sponsored by independent contractors. Elevator operators and repairers received hourly median incomes of $ 33.35 or an annual salary of $ 69,400.

Gaming managers oversee the gaming floor and supervise gaming floor personnel. Their job includes scheduling employees, assigning workers to stations and dealing with customer complaints.

While a degree is not required to work as a gaming manager, having either an associate or bachelor’s degree can be helpful. Many gaming managers have experience in other gaming jobs, often as dealers.

Gaming managers earned median hourly wages of $ 32.83 and a median annual salary of $ 68,300. First-line supervisors and managers of non-retail sales workers oversee the activities of sales workers other than those who work in retail establishments.

They must have work experience in a related field. Median hourly incomes were $ 32.74 and the median annual salary was $ 68,100. {pixabay|100|campaign}

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