Build Trust Now and Your Ability To Inspire Will Follow

Setting yourself apart as a leader may seem like no easy feat, but getting yourself on track is not an overwhelming or long process. Becoming a respected leader begins by building trust. Respect is a powerful motivator while working in a team.

Respect is a Trait

The most effective way to gain your team’s trust is through your actions. These actions should be a direct reflection of your true moral character and in return you will build credibility with your team. When you act on what you value, your ability to inspire them will increase dramatically.

Inspire Your Team

I have been called an inspiration as a result of how I overcame adversity.  I nearly lost my life to a rare bacterial infection, but have been able to compete in athletic events, I attend graduate school and am a professional speaker. I regularly address businesses and students, and here is what I advise them to do in order to inspire their teams:

·   Be Predictable – As a leader you are accountable for the outcomes of your team. If they don’t see you giving 100%, why would you expect them to work hard?  Showing your team that they can count on you is imperative to driving their performance.

·   Be Empathetic – When a leader demonstrates behavior that exhibits empathy towards their team, communication takes place at a much higher level. Effective leaders understand the daily pressures faced by their team. It is the way that leaders respond and address these pressures that make a difference in their ability to inspire.

·   Reciprocate Trust – Clearly communicate your expectations with your team. Even if your team trusts you, they may resist you if your goals seem out of reach. There is an art to setting a team goal, so you have to know where to draw the line between pushing them to challenge themselves and setting the bar to an unrealistic height.

Team Support

One of the most powerful dynamics of a high performing team is a group that trusts and respects one another.  These three approaches may seem simple but they are effective.  The concepts can be applied right now and without management training. Applying these behaviors will set you on the path to becoming a stand out leader.

John Tartaglio is an inspirational speaker that empowers audiences to overcome adversity.  He is an MBA candidate at the University of Connecticut and the first person in history to run a marathon with no legs. His mission is to inspire audiences to pursue what they value in life. You can learn more about John at  


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