Animal Online Courses for Novices and Veterans Alike

Last February, footage on the news regarding cattle cruelty in Indonesia outraged Australians. Reports showed mistreated cattle in an Indonesian slaughterhouse. In 2011, the Australian government had already suspended the exportation of cattle from Indonesia after a video made available at the time showed the inhumane treatment of cows. The latest controversy has prompted Australian activists to call for the revocation of the country’s live cattle trade with Indonesia.

Agriculture is a sizeable industry in Australia. Between 2010 and 2011, the sector employed approximately 307,000 people. The majority of farm businesses in the country are owned and operated by families. These farms provide nearly 93 percent of the daily domestic food supply. The agricultural sector contributes significantly to the growth of the economy. However to maintain its position in the international market, much research and development is necessary. Farmers throughout the country are also staunch supporters of the environmental cause. They are often at the forefront of initiatives for natural resources management hence, the outrage over the reported cruelty of cattle.

Animal Husbandry Courses Online

Animal husbandry is defined as the knowledge of raising and tending for farm animals. The following animal courses are available under the Husbandry program:


The Animal breeding course discusses lessons for how to breed and sell pets. The course is ideal anyone interested to start a part-time business. At the same time, the course can be the starting point for a full-scale business.

Animal training courses also offers learning courses on animal anatomy and physiology. The Animal Health course teaches learners to properly evaluate the condition of an animal’s health and at the same time identify the treatment suitable for the condition.

Quite popular among e-learners are the animal online courses for different types of livestock such as cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry. The beef cattle correspondence course provides lessons for the proper management and production of cattle. Farmers can also increase their understanding and skills about how to manage sow and litter for commercial production. 

Novices and veterans of the agricultural sector can benefit immensely from the animal health learning courses online.


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